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Leash & Collars

Imported Transparent Leash for Dogs

Rs. 599 incl tax Rs. 299 incl tax

High quality imported soft rubber transparent leash

Merapuppy Fragrance Collar For Dogs & Cats - Scented Dog Collar

Rs. 400 incl tax Rs. 220 incl tax

Eliminate unpleasant odor

MeraPuppy training rope short leash for regular & big dogs *Color may vary

Rs. 225 incl tax

Suitable for regular & big dogs, Short rope makes it easy to have full control over your pet.

Rope Leash With Rubber Grip & Strong Brass Hook - Medium *Color May Vary

Rs. 299 incl tax Rs. 210 incl tax

High quality rope leash imported, with strong hook to handle medium & regular dogs, also has rubber grip for better control and comfort.

Short Soft Rope *Color may vary

Rs. 500 incl tax Rs. 180 incl tax

High quality short soft rope for dogs.

Thick rope chain for big dogs

Rs. 699 incl tax Rs. 375 incl tax

High quality rope leash chain for big dog

Body belt harness for puppies & small dogs

Rs. 300 incl tax Rs. 145 incl tax

High quality ajustable body belt harness for puppies & small dogs

Calcium Milk Bone For Dogs & Puppies 30pcs

Rs. 350 incl tax Rs. 250 incl tax

Freshen Breath Clean Teeth, 30 PCS Mini , Net 270g

Chain leash with handle

Rs. 400 incl tax Rs. 140 incl tax

Suitable for small dogs to big dogs.

Collar Bell for Dogs & Cats

Rs. 150 incl tax Rs. 90 incl tax

Beautiful hanging collar bells for your puppy, dog, cat or kitten. 1piece per order

Dog Body Belt - Harness

Rs. 450 incl tax Rs. 200 incl tax

Convenient body belt for your pet

Dog Chain

Rs. 295 incl tax Rs. 157 incl tax

High quality dog chains